Provide bash scripts to quickly generate html5 gallery for photos and videos, with thumbnails
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Super cstom scripts made by Gaby  on May 07 2012 to 'automatize' photos gallery generation

It's a quick and dirty script in bash, but does quickly what I want to achieve
It requires convert (from ImageMagick), and ffmepg2theora programs

The better is to create one folder with the date name to have a sorted list. A description file can be append if it respects the convention "folder name".desc

Convention from $folder:
    $folder.desc => provide quick desc in html file
    $ => link pictures to html file
    $folder.videos.tar => link videos to html file

Convention other:
    links.external => each line is a link which is append end of file
    title => is the title of HTML landing page
    ga.js => script to have google analytics script incorporated

Supported files (case sensitive :S):

== Installation ==

On the gallery you want to expose, run the following commands:
    * git init 
    * git remote add origin git://
    * git pull origin master 
    * ./

Prior to install, modify the important elements:

If you have a google analytics account, change your id and domain name in ga.js
If you want to list external links (raw display) related to the gallery being generated, put them in links.external 
If you want to modify title, modify title file :)

Several informations are directly generated by the script file. For instance, the header and footer elements can be changed directly in the file. 

== Run ==

To run the script, simply type:
    $ make generate
    $ ./

== How to get pictures ==
To download pictures, in the original size, please construct a link composed of your gallery path + the title of the gallery you want to browse. For instance, if your title is 2042-12-12, and your gallery path is http://gallery.bit, then browsing http://gallery.bit/2042-12-12 should list your files (if your server is configured to do so ;))