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title: slcon6 talk: acme changed my live
keywords: [vim, ui, pipe, unix, plan9, acme]
author: Marc Chantreux <>

Acme is the editor of choice in plan9. I don't use it but when trying it, I realized that vim is much more than an editor: it's an open window to my whole digital world: A perfect multipurpose UI. Let me show you ... (see the conference site or the the video of the talk).

you can clone this repo from

slides are here. also the slides from the workshop i run with michael (editing xml/html with vim) are here

you can install and learn about slides.vim to navigate slide by slide with PgUp/PgDown but it's not needed if you just want to reproduce the examples. edit the file and run the examples (tip: you can use "q:" instead of q so you can copy/paste commands).

the smart-columns example needs the smart-columns binary. sorry about that.

to test the process manager example, you can link it as a package (:h packages for more informations).

mkdir ~/.vim/pack/whatever/start/
ln -s kill.vim !$

don't hesitate if you want some help. also feedbacks and patches are really welcome.

happy viming. marc

Most frequent feedbacks

Do you know Emacs ?

Not enough to pretend I actually do: Emacs, like vim, is really powerfull and probably needs years to be mastered. I traveled this journey with vim to a point it will be hard to any other editor to compete.

  • I really love the modal edition
  • I like the vim affordance to cooperate with other tools instead of being extended with large elisp codebae. Nowadays, most of my vim macros are just thin wrappers (using !motion as filter, :r! or :w !) to shell commands I can reuse in other contexts (from my CLI or from larger scripts).

As examples:

  • I wrote common-arguments-wrappers as a way to be more productive with vim but now use them from the CLI as well.
  • I started using ctags with vim but this command is useful in other situations.

However, I'll be more than happy to show my usecases to an experimented emacs user so I can learn about the emacs way but I guess I will not switch anyway.

What other editors/IDE have you tried ?

many. including the plan9 ones obviously. I really would like to know more about vis because SRE are awesome.


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