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title: slcon6 talk: acme changed my live
keywords: [vim, ui, pipe, unix, plan9, acme]
author: Marc Chantreux <>

Acme is the editor of choice in plan9. I don't use it but when trying it, I realized that vim is much more than an editor: it's an open window to my whole digital world: A perfect multipurpose UI. Let me show you ... (see the conference site).

you can clone this repo from

slides are here. also the slides from the workshop i run with michael (editing xml/html with vim) are here

you can install and learn about slides.vim to navigate slide by slide with PgUp/PgDown but it's not needed if you just want to reproduce the examples. edit the file and run the examples (tip: you can use "q:" instead of q so you can copy/paste commands).

the smart-columns example needs the smart-columns binary. sorry about that.

to test the process manager example, you can link it as a package (:h packages for more informations).

mkdir ~/.vim/pack/whatever/start/
ln -s kill.vim !$

don't hesitate if you want some help. also feedbacks and patches are really welcome.

happy viming. marc

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