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TCR Enrichment Analysis (TEA) Webtool


Visualization of obtained TCR CDR3a amino acid sequences. For this demonstration there are 3 donors across 2 tissues (blood vs. lung) such that all 3 donors have known pulmonary Mtb infections.

The biological question: Are specific TCR sequences, specifically pertaining to MAIT cells, enriched in the lung of individuals with a tuberculosis infection?

Results: Although larger data sets with appropriate controls are needed for cross-cohort statistical comparisons, we observe a trend that supports the hypothesis that certain MAIT TCR are enriched in the lung of the donors.

Analysis by:

Eisa Mahyari, supervised by Dr. David M. Lewinsohn


Wong-Gold-Lewinsohn dataset v1.00

Dr. Emily Wong

Dr. Marielle C. Gold

Dr. David M. Lewinsohn (PI)