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Node.js CI Build/release

A digital book journal.



  • Keep track of all of your books: the books you have read, are reading and would like to read
  • Show reading statistics including how many books and pages you have read in a given year
  • Automatically look up information about a book by entering its IBAN
  • See other books by the same author(s)
  • Categorize your books
  • Search through your books
  • Rate the books you have read and save your commentary
  • Add notes to your books
  • Tag your books for better searching
  • Light and dark mode
  • Works on multiple platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux)

System Requirements

BookJournal runs on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

Build Requirements

BookJournal runs on the Electron platform and can therefore be developed and built on any platform supported by Electron. The only requirement is Node >= 12.

Release Notes


  • Update to Electron 12
  • Security fixes
  • Resize the app icon slightly to match macOS Big Sur's better


  • Fix a white flash that occurred when loading the application in dark mode


  • Fix a critical bug that prevented the app from starting when no database exists
  • Fix a bug that prevented the date picker from working


  • Updated Electron and other dependencies
  • Security updates
  • Converted to TypeScript for better stability
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • New icon to fit with macOS Big Sur
  • Visual tweaks


  • Updated the app icon
  • Updated the dependencies
  • Small tweaks and polishing touches


  • Fixed a bug where categories couldn't be deleted
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on buttons in the dialog boxes wasn't producing any results
  • Fixed a bug where adding a bookcover was no longer possible


  • Added Submit Feedback button to the Help menu
  • Added Editor field
  • Added books to a wishlist
  • Feature to set the book's color to the primary color of the bookcover
  • Redesigned book form to make it simpler and more fun to use
  • Redesigned book reading statuses to have more options and to make it easier to understand
  • Fixed a bug where the window preferences weren't saved when closing the window
  • Update to Electron 7
  • New application icon


  • Support for macOS dark mode
  • Fix a bug where "Invalid Date" is shown if no Date Read is given in the book list
  • Fix a bug where the categories no longer work in the sidebar and the search doesn't work
  • Fix a bug where the "books by author" no longer works
  • Update to Electron 6
  • "Currently Reading"
  • Book format field
  • Notes field
  • Add "Books Read" to the sidebar
  • Add automatic testing and building with Travis CI
  • Automatic backups of the database on app launch (launch a background process)


  • Fix bug where weird years show up in the statistics even though they don't exist in the database
  • Fix bug where multiple modals open after a modal has been closed by clicking on the background
  • Fix bug where bookcovers are not automatically added after fetching book info from Google Books
  • Fix horizontal scrollbar in modals and the bookform column
  • Fix bug in books by author modal where it says "Read on Invalid Date"
  • Frontend refinements
    • Modals that can be closed by clicking on the background behind them
    • Animations
    • Books by Author and Preferences modals have "titlebars" that don't scroll away
    • New datepicker
  • Update to Electron 3


  • If NODE_ENV exists and === 'development', use developer DB
  • Fix crash when changing book colors (change color, then change again using the same color inspector window)
  • Fix bug where bookcovers are not automatically added after fetching book info from Google Books
  • Fix bug where 16/09/1887 is sometimes shown in the date started field
  • Fix bug where there is an error when no database exists instead of just creating one
  • Sort books by date added, date started and date updated
  • If there are no books read, the statics page should say that instead of just "spinning" the whole time
  • Popup with other works by an author
    • Indication of read or not read
    • Checkbox in preferences to turn it on or off
  • Fix Windows-specific bugs


  • Change location of the database and bookcovers
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/BookJournal
    • Linux: leave at ~/.bookjournal
    • Windows: C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Roaming\Alex Seifert\BookJournal
  • Add database migration strategy for seemless schema updates
  • Reading statistics
  • "Future Reading" -> "Not Read Yet"


  • Improve initial loading time
  • Preferences: light/dark theme, automatically fetch book information from Google Books (on/off), update automatically (on/off)
  • Search
  • Sort books by field in the book form



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