Mupeace is an Android client for MPD, the Music Player Daemon
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Mupeace is an Android Music Player Client (/ˈmjuːˌpiːs/, from MPC with pronounceability vowels) for MPD, the Music Player Daemon. It is a fork of MPDroid and, in turn, PMix. This fork retains Gingerbread compatibility, is active at squashing bugs, especially crashes, and adds features to aid navigation of large jazz or classical collections.

You can browse your library, control the current song and playlist, manage your outputs and stream music to your phone. Switch between different servers, say, in different rooms, easily with Zeroconf auto-discovery and share from the YouTube application to queue the audio for your stereo.


Automatic, often unstable builds are available from downloads, the latest apk always being available from Mupeace-debug.apk.

You may want to join the Mupeace Beta group to receive news and automatic updates of experimental work. For the most stable releases, see Google Play. You can check the version number there and find it in downloads if you prefer not to use the store

Now Playing/library Screenshot


Mupeace works on all devices from 2.2 to 5.0 encountered so far.

Large tablets are supported with a specially adjusted layout.

Libraries used

  • ActionBarSherlock. A wonderful library backporting most Holo elements to Android 2.x
  • JMPDComm. The core MPD protocol client library, heavily modified by
  • LastFM-java. Last.FM cover art support
  • mdnsjava. A complete mDNS/DNS-SD/Zeroconf/avahi/Bonjour library for discovering MPD servers


  • Improved server discovery reliability
  • Improved reconnection behaviour for temporary network issues
  • Reduced use of modal UI through sliding panels and the navigation drawer
  • Further UI modernisation
  • Protocol library overhaul for performance
  • General design revision


Nearly everything you can find in Mupeace was developed as part of MPDroid or its predecessors, so please take note of the information at abarisain/dmix and contributors to know who to thank.

My thanks go to them, @abarisain in particular, and to those who have helped out with bug reports and investigations.