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Checker Framework live demo webserver

This is the live demo webserver for the Checker Framework.

This webserver is developed based on the Online Python Tutor and java jail.

Production Server Deployment


  1. apache2 httpd server
  2. two modules of apache2:
  3. mod_wsgi
  4. mod_macros

Some notes on how to install these two modules in RHEL 7 and Ubuntu please see here:


  1. Clone this project in the /var/www directory:

git clone

  1. In the clone, run ./shell-scripts/ with one of these options:
  • If you want to deploy this server with the newest development version of the Checker Framework from, run:

  • If you want to deploy this server with the newest released version of the Checker Framework from, run:

    ./shell-scripts/ -r <url of the released Checker Framework zip>


    ./shell-scripts/ -r
  • If you want to deploy this server with an existing local copy of the Checker Framework, run:

    ./shell-scripts/ -l <path to checker-framework>


    ./shell-scripts/ -l ../jsr308/checker-framework
  1. Customize the vhost configuration file: wsgi-scripts/checkerweb-wsgi.conf

Detailed instructions for configuring the vhost file

  1. Link this file to the apache2 vhost directory:

In RHEL 7 do:

cd /etc/httpd/conf.d
ln -s /var/www/checkerweb/wsgi-scripts/checkerweb-wsgi.conf .

In Ubuntu do:

cd /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
ln -s /var/www/checkerweb/wsgi-scripts/checkerweb-wsgi.conf .
  1. Restart the apache2 server:

In RHEL 7 do: sudo apachectl restart

In Ubuntu do: sudo service apache2 restart

Setting Up a Test Server

For developers, there are two ways of setting up a test server. One way is running a server in a terminal to see changes immediately, and the other way is to deploy a test/development version server to apache2.

Follow steps 1 and 2 above to clone and install the web server, then make your changes.


  1. in step 2 when running, if you use the -l option to link your local copy of Checker Framework, the will pass this location to and link this location to webserver/enabled-checker-framework, which means it is your responsibility to ensure the passed location is correct.

  2. You can simply 're-plug' the Checker Framework by running -l <new location of cf>

Running a server in a terminal using Bottle Server

In the clone, directly run: python

This will active a bottle server listening on port 8081, and can be stopped by ctrl-C in the terminal.

This is the easiest way to run a test server to have a look at your changes immediately.

Deploy a test/development server on port 8081 on apache2

This version needs installation of python mod_wsgi first.

In the clone, run:


Then you will have a server running apache2 and listening on port 8081.

Loading modifications to the test server

When you're done with modifications and you want to see the changes, in the clone, do:

touch wsgi-scripts/checkerweb.wsgi


  1. No need to restart apache2
  2. If you have modified CheckerPrinter, in the clone, execute make -C CheckerPrinter clean all first.