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Welcome to the Mulle wiki!

This wiki contains information about the new (ARM-based, 2014 edition) of the Mulle. If you need information about the older (M16C-based, v3.1, v3.2, v4.2, v5.2, v6.2) Mulle platform, go to

Getting started

First, install a toolchain. This is described at Installing toolchain (GCC)

The next step is to connect the Mulle board to your development machine, this is described at Connecting the hardware.

Finally we need to download the software that we will run on the Mulle, an introduction to Contiki using the Mulle is given at Contiki introduction

Mulle is also an officially supported hardware platform for RIOT.

If you do not want to use Contiki or RIOT and wish to run your program on bare metal hardware, you are on your own, but we do have some resources available in the form of startup code and some configuration files at

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