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A low-resolution view on a tiny Minecraft
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lo-rez (formerly known as lorez kraft) is a Resource Pack for Minecraft. It features 8×8 textures (instead of 16×16) where applicable and fixes models accordingly if possible.

As of 2016, this texture pack tries to use the original textures' colors. Remix rather than to re-invent. An Electron-powered editor is worked on at the moment to make this requirement easier to achieve.

This is a re-boot of older work I had stored on my hard drive. When I stumbled on them, I figured it would be best to give them a new home.


While there's too much yet to add, there will not be any downloadable ZIP files. Just clone this repository to your resource packs. You should know how to do it. (Or wait until I've got the time to explain it for beginners.)

On Windows, the path would be: C:\Users\WindowsUser\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks\ (or %appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks\ for short).

On Mac OS X, the path would be: /Users/MacOSXUser/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/resourcepacks/ (or ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/resourcepacks/ for short).


Frankly, I don't have anything against Pull Requests, so if you'd like to add your texture to this package, feel free to correct glitches, improve textures, etc. This Resource Pack is open source, after all. I just might have a discussion on whether to include your changes or not if I'm not exactly sure if it fits with the overall style.

Let's make this pack awesome - together! (And if you just correct typos in this README or single pixels in existing textures, that's fine!)


  • Raphael "eiszfuchs" Pohl (Textures and models that aren't by any other contributors)

  • Thomas "CREEATION"


Feel free to ask. Check my profile for contact details.

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