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package goblawg_test
import (
var tmpdir = os.TempDir()
var settingsJSON = fmt.Sprintf(
`{"name": "My First Blog",
"out_dir": "%s",
"in_dir": "%s",
"static_dir": "%s",
"link": "",
"description": "Test Blog",
"author": "Eli James",
"email": ""}`, tmpdir, tmpdir, tmpdir)
var infoJSON = `{"name":"My First Blog",
"description":"Test Blog",
"author":"Eli James",
// Test NewBlog constructs and returns a Blog struct correctly
func TestNewBlog(t *testing.T) {
// Setup
settingsPath := path.Join(tmpdir, "settings.json")
infoPath := path.Join(tmpdir, "info.json")
ioutil.WriteFile(settingsPath, []byte(settingsJSON), 0775)
ioutil.WriteFile(infoPath, []byte(infoJSON), 0775)
b, err := goblawg.NewBlog(settingsPath)
// Teardown
defer os.Remove(settingsPath)
defer os.Remove(infoPath)
ok(t, err)
equals(t, "My First Blog", b.Name)
equals(t, "Test Blog", b.Description)
equals(t, tmpdir, b.OutDir)
equals(t, tmpdir, b.InDir)
equals(t, []*goblawg.Post{}, b.Posts)
equals(t, time.Time{}, b.LastModified)
_, err = os.Stat(path.Join(tmpdir, "info.json"))
ok(t, err)
//blah, _ := ioutil.ReadFile(path.Join(tmpdir, "info.json"))
var infoContent = fmt.Sprintf(`{"title": "Test Post",
"body": "%s",
"link": "test-post",
"time": "%s",
"is_draft": false,
"last_modified": "%s"}`,
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog",
func TestLoadPostFromFile(t *testing.T) {
postPath := path.Join(tmpdir, "post.json")
ioutil.WriteFile(postPath, []byte(infoContent), 0775)
fi, _ := os.Stat(postPath)
p, err := goblawg.NewPostFromFile(postPath, fi)
ok(t, err)
equals(t, "Test Post", p.Title)
equals(t, []byte("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"), p.Body)
equals(t, "test-post", p.Link)
equals(t, false, p.IsDraft)