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This plugin is sponsored by IP Geolocation. It adds multitenant support for grails 3 applications based on hibernate filters. Tenants are resolved using spring security.


Only branch grails3.0.xhibernate4 is working. Rest of branches are for GORM5 which has broken the way hibernate filters are applied. So they won't work. Also, this plugin works only for Grails 3.0 and 3.1. For later versions of grails, use GORM's built in multi-tenancy support. The work on this plugin has been stopped in favor of Grails internal support for Multi-tenant architecture.


Add following dependency in build.gradle

compile 'org.grails.plugins:multitenant:0.1'

Add configClass attribute in application.yml under dataSource section like this:

 configClass: org.grails.plugin.multitenant.HibernateMultitenantConfiguration 


This plugin uses single database single schema differentiator based technique to identify tenants.

Resolving Tenant

Currently it resolves tenant using spring security. So you have to edit spring security user domain class to implement TenantIdentifier trait like this:

class User implements Serializable, TenantIdentifier

It add userTenantId property to User domain class and injects two closures dynamically to this domain


This closure executes a particular code inside its scope with a tenantId supplied as parameters even if the logged in user does not belong to that tenant. You can only execute idempotent code inside this block. If your code is query, or some other read only operation, it will execute that with supplied tenantId. If your code is going to change something in database, it will use tenantId of logged in user. Be careful . .


// Your code goes here



As the name states, you can bypass tenantId filter temporarily to do operations not specific to any tenant.


// You code goes here

The code in this scope should be read only as is the case with withTenantId method above.

Multitenat Domain Classes

You have to implement Multitenant trait in all domain classes you want to be multitenant.

class Book implement Multitenant

This will add a property tenantId to domain class and three methods as below:

Long tenantId

    def beforeInsert() {
        if(tenantId == null){
            tenantId = tenantResolverService.resolveTenant()

    def beforeValidate() {
        if(tenantId == null){
            tenantId = tenantResolverService.resolveTenant()

    def beforeUpdate() {
        if(tenantId == null){
            tenantId = tenantResolverService.resolveTenant()

So if you want to use these methods in any of multitenant domain class, you have to reproduce above code along with your own implementation as yours will overwrite these methods.


This plugin provide TenantResolverService to your application which can be injected anywhere just like normal grails services. It provides only one method resolveTenant which provides tenantId of current user. Multitenant plugin makes extensive use of this service at various places inside the code. Multitenant filter intercepts controller actions only. If you want to do some multitenant stuff inside a service then you should call that service from controller or use withTenantId as below:

def tenantResolverService
 // your code here


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