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  • http://appsta.com
  • http://github.com/ejdraper/appsta


Appsta is designed to make bootstrapping new Rails applications much easier.


Appsta provides a helper library for writing Rails templates, to quickly setup your projects on Heroku, GitHub, and other things to get your app up and running quickly. No more mammoth Rails templates that do it all – Appsta is a library of re-usable, bitesize helpers, so that you can pick and choose the bits that you use most to get your Rails apps up to speed.


  • rails (v2.3 and above)
  • heroku
  • rest_client


To install, just run the following:

sudo gem install appsta


I’d like to add lots more useful helper methods to Appsta, to make it a huge, useful library of setup tools for Rails apps. If you’d like to contribute, or improve existing helpers, please just fork the code, make your changes, and send me a pull request! And any questions or comments, please get in touch!


This is an example template that uses all of the helper methods currently available:

# Load Appsta
require "appsta"

# Remove the default README, public/index.html placeholder, and public/favicon.ico

# Remove the default JS that ships with Rails (Prototype/Scriptaculous) and use jQuery
use_jquery("1.3.2") # 1.3.2 is the default anyway, but you can specify the version if you want

# This creates a .gems file for use on Heroku
heroku_gems([{:name => "hpricot"}])

# This adds the entire app to git and performs an initial commit
git_setup("this is my initial commit message") # you can leave the message out for a default message of "initial commit by Appsta"

# This creates a private project on GitHub (prompting for credentials), and pushes the code to it

# This creates an environment on Heroku to host the app on, and pushes the code to it

# This performs a push of master to the specified remote(s)
git_push(:origin, :staging)
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