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Android app to edit IFS fractals
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Android app to edit 3d fractals generated via iterated function systems (

Each function in the app is represented as a 3d transform, with rotation, translation, and uniform or non-uniform scaling supported. In edit mode, these are shown as cubes you can drag (long press to start dragging), rotate, and stretch. In both edit and render mode, a fling gesture will set the camera orbiting around the fractal. In render mode, if the camera is not moving, the app calculates more points for a while and layers them atop the existing points. This is because most Android devices can't send enough points to the GPU to make a fractal look solid.

Comes with a Sierpinski pyramid, a spleenwort fern, and a Menger sponge pre-loaded.

Buttons in main bar: Load, Save, Undo Add function: adds another cube, defaulting to no translation and 50% uniform scaling Delete selected function Scale mode toggle: switches from pinches scaling the selected cube in all directions equally, to only scaling along the axis of your pinch. Edit mode toggle: switches between edit mode and render mode, where you get to see the results of the fractal.

TODO: Implement settings dialog (color, number of layers rendered on still screen) Save fractal state and undo stack on pause/destroy, restore on re-entry Look into JNI to speed up rendering Create web backend to share fractals and view them in WebGL on desktop GPU Use ZXing to share via QR code

I wrote an initial version of this while I was learning the basics of Android and 3d coding. That one had no good separation of concerns and started getting crashy after my phone updated to 4.1.1, so I rewrote it from scratch, pulling in just the good bits from the old version.

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