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The ImgurLib

The ImgurLib is a API wrapper arrownd the Authenticated API service.
This enables you to manage accounts without thinking too much about
the authentication. It was developed to be used with ImgurUp as some of the 
users wanted to use the application with their own accounts, but cince the 
library is extended to support almost all methods available, it is released as
a separete library.


The method ImgurLib provides are as follow:
* get_auth_url() - returns a URL for authenticating the client in
* authorize(self, PIN) - authorizes the user with a pin from the URL you get from 
* authorize_with_token() - authorizes the user with a token you already have so
			you can skip the first two methods
* account_info() - gives the information for the current account 
* upload_image(filename, title, caption) - uploads an image to
* get_account_images() - gives a list with images in current account
* get_image_info(hash) - Gives full information about the image (with that hash)
* get_image_count() - Returns the total number of images in the account
* get_albums(count, page) - Returns the albums in the account with count and page
* create_album(title, description, privacy) - Creates album
* get_album_count() - Gets the number of albums in the account
* get_credits() - How many cretis are left for the account
* genereate_links(hash) - generates links for forums and html pages


In order to use ImgurLib you need the following libraries installed:
* python-json
* python-oauth2 (see