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Simple Django app to provide shareable shortened URLs for any page in a Django site
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This is a very simple Django app to include shareable URLs for the URLs in your site. It utilizes python-bitly ( ).

Djangly adds URLs to a single, standalone database model as URLs are requested and bypasses the API call if the requested URL is already in the database.

To use:

0. If you do not have a API key, go here:

1. Add 'djangly' to your INSTALLED_APPS in your project's

2. In your project's add to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES:


3. In your project's add to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS:


4. In djangly's, edit the following two lines with your login and API key:


5. Syncdb

That should be it. The context processor will automatically drop a variable named {{ BITLY_URL }} with a URL for your page or the current URL if you are on localhost (see EXCLUDED_HOSTS in djangly/
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