A Python logging handler that publishes to redis pub/sub channels
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RedisLog - A Redis Pub/Sub Logging Handler for Python

A logging handler for Python that publishes log messages using redis's pub/sub system. You can use this to read or respond to streaming log data in real time.


The current stable release

pip install python-redis-log


easy_install python-redis-log

The latest from github

git clone git://github.com/jedp/python-redis-log.git
cd python-redis-log
python setup.py build
python setup.py install --prefix=$HOME  # for example



>>> from redislog import handlers, logger
>>> l = logger.RedisLogger('my.logger')
>>> l.addHandler(handlers.RedisHandler.to("my:channel"))
>>> l.info("I like pie")
>>> l.error("Trousers!", exc_info=True)

Redis clients subscribed to my:channel will get a json log record like the following (sent from function foo() in file test.py:

{ username: 'jed',
  args: [],
  name: 'my.logger',
  level: 'info',
  line_no: 6,
  traceback: null,
  filename: 'test.py',
  time: '2011-06-02T14:50:08.237052',
  msg: 'winning',
  funcname: 'foo',
  hostname: 'smoothie.local' }

If an exception is raised, and exc_info is True, the log will include a formatted traceback in traceback.

The date is stored as an ISO 8601 string in GMT.

You can use the redis-cli shell that comes with redis to test this. At the shell prompt, type subscribe my:channel (replacing with the channel name you choose, of course). You will see subsequent log data printed in the shell.

Serving Suggestion

Redis pub/sub messages are not persistent; they are just messages. So you will probably wish to use this handler in conjunction with other handlers that actually save your data, like the standard python FileHandlers, or Andrei Savu's MongoDB logging handler.