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Coffeescript-based client-side web app starting point
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Starter Template

This is a basic but opinionated starting point for prototyping apps, with an emphasis on data handling and visualization.

Getting started

Clone project into new folder

git clone project-slug-name cd project-slug-name

Configure with init or edit by hand


For the quickest start, you can run gulp init to perform basic project starting actions.

exec 'rm -rf .git'
exec 'git init'
exec 'rm'
exec 'touch'
exec 'atom .'
exec 'npm install'
exec 'gulp config'

Run gulp config for configuration walkthrough or edit options.json by hand

Modifying the project

Edit coffeescript in src/coffee/

Edit HTML in src/tmpl/index.mustache

Edit Stylus (CSS) in src/styl/style.styl

Updating data

The default place for storing data is data/data.csv

If you have set project.googledatakey in options.json you can run gulp getdata to download that sheet using curl to data/data.csv


The /build/ folder is a standalone client-side web app with everything packaged. It can be put on a webserver or uploaded to a site like Netlify.

If you have set project.s3bucket in options.json and set your S3 credentials by renaming .env-example and filling it out you can run gulp s3publish to publish to an S3 bucket, and update the data in the project by running gulp s3publishdata – you need to run both commands on first upload

To publish to github pages you can run gulp gh-pages

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