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GitHub Services (Heroku)

This is a fork of the official GitHub Services to run on heroku at http://github-services.heroku.com.

This means you can use all the awesome GitHub post-receive hooks in your Gitolite/Gitosis/whatever repositories.


Install the post-receive hook from Gist.

$ curl https://raw.github.com/gist/1709372 > [~/repositories/repo.git]/hooks/post-receive
$ chmod +x [~/repositories/repo.git]/hooks/post-receive

Then install the grit and json gems.

$ [sudo] gem install grit json

If you're using something like Gitolite, you can install the post-receive hook in .gitolite/hooks/common

Configuring Services

The post-receive hook gets it's configuration through git config.

Configure the services you want to run:

$ git config github-services.services "email lighthouse"

And configure the options for each service:

$ git config github-services.email.address "me@example.com"

$ git config github-services.lighthouse.domain "mydomain"
$ git config github-services.lighthouse.token "mytoken"
$ git config github-services.lighthouse.project_id "12345"

It's likely that some services won't work, I've only tested the web, lighthouse and email service. If you try to use one of the other services and it isn't working, shoot me and email and I'll try to fix it.

For a full list of services and available options see Services.md