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Elasticsearch template and script for zabbix 2.0

This project is a fork of Elasticsearch template from zabbix-grab-bag

These are made available by me under an Apache 2.0 license.


Feel free to add improvements, just send me your pull request :D

How it works

  • Put in /opt/zabbix/externalscripts/ in the zabbix node

  • Put ESzabbix.userparm in the zabbix include parameters dir, in this case "/opt/zabbix/agent_include"

  • Import ESzabbix_templates.xml to zabbix server

  • requires 'pyes' to run this script


The items here are for monitoring Elasticsearch (presumably for logstash).

The template xml file actually contains three templates:

  1. Elasticsearch Node & Cache (which is for node-level monitoring)

  2. Elasticsearch Cluster (cluster state, shard-level monitoring, record count, storage sizes, etc.)

  3. Elasticsearch Service (ES service status)

The node name is expected as a host-level macro {$NODENAME}

There are triggers assigned for the cluster state:

0 = Green (OK)

1 = Yellow (Average, depends on "red")

2 = Red (High)

You will likely want to assign a value mapping for the ElasticSearch Cluster Status item. On Zabbix 3.0 it can be incrusted on export templates files

In any event, the current list of included items is:

  • ES Cluster (11 Items)
    • Cluster-wide records indexed per second
    • Cluster-wide storage size
    • ElasticSearch Cluster Status
    • Number of active primary shards
    • Number of active shards
    • Number of data nodes
    • Number of initializing shards
    • Number of nodes
    • Number of relocating shards
    • Number of unassigned shards
    • Total number of records
  • ES Cache (2 Items)
    • Node Field Cache Size
    • Node Filter Cache Size
  • ES Node (2 Items)
    • Node Storage Size
    • Records indexed per second
  • ES Service (1 Item)
    • Elasticsearch service status


Elasticsearch template and script for zabbix



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