Dark Time is a universal iOS clock. It's main purpose is to allow you to see the time in the dark without being too bright.
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Dark Time

Dark Time is a simple clock. It has one simple goal, to allow you to see the time, especially when it’s dark. It doesn’t try to look like a physical clock. It uses a very readable font and color scheme to make the time as readable as possible.

Dark Time was created from a need to see the time in the middle of the night without your iOS device being too bright overall. Some of us are light sensitive and the need for a clock that isn’t too bright but is highly visible has existed for a long time.

The author is an instructor of programming at a college in Wisconsin. The app is the result of the author’s own journey in learning iOS development. He now teaches iOS development at the college and uses this app as a demo and example. This app is released under an open source license here:

Feedback Requested

I’m fairly new to Objective-C and iOS development. I would love to get feedback so I can improve the code quality of the app. I intend to use this project as a teaching tool for the iOS development courses I teach at Madison College in Madison, WI.