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'align-cljlet' is an emacs addin for aligning let-like forms. This program exists because I was tired of manually aligning let statements in Clojure. This program is designed to quickly and easily allow let-like forms to be aligned. This is my first emacs lisp program and as a result if probably less than optimal. Feel free to suggest improvements or send in patches.

This program was inspired by align-let.el although only borrows one function from that code. I had considered altering align-let.el to work correctly with Clojure however it was easiler to simply start from scratch.

Forms currently handled:

  • let
  • when-let
  • if-let
  • binding
  • loop
  • with-open
  • literal hashes {}
  • defroute
  • cond
  • condp (except :>> subforms)
  • case
  • assoc
  • :require and :use in ns forms

If there are let pairs together on the same line the code will refuse to align them. For example, the following will not align:

(let [apple 2 pair 3
      peach 23] ...)

will not be aligned.

Custom variables:

defroute-columns The number of columns to align in a defroute form.

Known limitations:

  • This program requires clojure mode to be running in order to function correctly.
  • Does not currently align condp forms that use the :>> symbol.


To use align-cljlet.el, add it to your load-path and include the following to your .emacs configuration.

(require 'align-cljlet)

Alternatively you may install this package from Marmalade.


To invoke simply position anywhere inside an alignable form and invoke:

M-x align-cljlet

You may wish to bind this to a specific key.