Simple project highlighting progress in React, Redux, Mocha/Chai, webpack
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String Deduplicator Sample Project

See the live code here


This is an example of progress I've made in Node.js development with modern packaging, testing, and data flow.

This JavaScript project in Node.js uses React to build the web interface, utilizing Redux to manage state of the application. The Redux Thunk middleware is used in conjunction with Redux to allow asynchronous execution, namely to asynchronously generate the list of 100,000 emails.

The code is written in ES6 syntax via Babel, and packaged with the webpack module bundler.

Tests are written in the Mocha framework with Chai assertions.


Relevant files and directories, not a complete list.

.babelrc                used by mocha to determine Babel configuration
build/                  compiled package for the web, via webpack
index.html              web ux for the algorithm
package.json            configuration for dependencies, running tests, etc.
   actions.js           Redux actions used by containers
   components/          React components to build the UX
   containers/          Redux containers built from components
      deduplicate.js    our actual algorithm
      generate.js       generates a list of emails with 50% duplicates
      index.js          React application entry point
   reducers.js          Redux action reducers used by the store 
test/                   Mocha tests
webpack.config.js       instructs webpack on how to build the bundle


Building the Application

  1. enter the directory cd string_deduplicate
  2. bring in the npm packages, check for errors before proceeding npm install
  3. build the webpack bundle either from globally installed webpack webpack or from the node_modules directory node_modules/.bin/webpack
  4. open the index.html file in your web browser

Running Tests

All tests can be run at once, or individual test sets can be selected via package.json and Mocha config. Execution:

  • all tests npm test
  • algorithm validation npm run test-deduplicate-validation
  • algorithm duration npm run test-deduplicate-runtime