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# The URL the site will be built for
base_url = "/"
# Used in RSS by default
title = "My blog!"
description = "placeholder description text for your blog!"
# The default language, used in RSS
# TODO: I would love to support more languages and make this easy to handle
# with other facets of the theme.
default_language = "en"
# Whether to generate a RSS feed automatically
generate_rss = true
# Theme name to use.
# NOTE: should not need to mess with this if you are using zerm directly, i.e. cloning the
# repository at root and not using as directed by the Zola docs via themes/ directory.
# theme = ""
# Whether to automatically compile all Sass files in the sass directory
compile_sass = true
# Whether to do syntax highlighting
# Theme can be customised by setting the `highlight_theme` variable to a theme supported by Zola
highlight_code = true
# Syntax highlighting theme. See:
# for more information and themes built into Zola.
highlight_theme = "axar" # Other dark themes that work: "1337", "agola-dark",
# "visual-studio-dark"
# Whether to build a search index to be used later on by a JavaScript library
build_search_index = false
# Built in taxonomies of zerm.
taxonomies = [
{name = "tags"},
{name = "categories"},
# Put all your custom variables here
# Many configurations are taken directly from Terminal's config.toml
# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Author name to be added to posts, if enabled.
author = "you!"
# Show author's name in blog post meta data.
show_author = false
# Show categories a blog post is marked with in its meta data.
show_categories = true
# Show tags a blog post is marked with in its meta data.
show_tags = true
# Theme color. You can have any color you want, so long as it's...
# ["orange", "blue", "red", "green", "pink"]
theme_color = "orange"
# Custom css to style over the defaults. This is useful when you only have a
# few small tweaks to make rather than a major rehaul to the theme.
# It would be best to make this a proper .sass or .scss file in sass/ rather
# than placing in static/
# custom_css = "custom.css"
# How many menu items to show on desktop. if you set this to 0, only submenu
# button will be visible.
show_menu_items = 2
# set theme to full screen width.
full_width = false
# center theme with default width.
center = false
# set a custom favicon. Must be placed in root of static/ directory...
# favicon = ""
# Set a custom preview image for your website when posted as a link.
# Must be placed in root of static/ directory...
# og_preview_img = ""
# Copyright notice if desired. Defaults to
# copyright = "copyright notice here"
# What is displayed in the top left corner of the website. Default is zerm.
logo_text = "zerm"
# Link in logo. Default returns you to $BASE_URL.
logo_home_link = "/"
# Menu items to display. You define a url and the name of the menu item.
# NOTE: `$BASE_URL/` must be included in the url name.
main_menu = [
{url="/about/", name="about"},
{url="/contact/", name="contact"},
# Displayed as title of drop-down menu when size of main_menu > show_menu_items.
menu_more = "show more"
# Displayed after teaser text for a blog post.
read_more = "read more"
# not currently used from previous theme, but leaving here for now in case I
# feel like adding it.
read_other_posts = "read other posts"
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