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[Note: This file is no longer kept up to date as of 31 July 2011.
Please see the list of more recent changes at
<>. This file is kept to preserve the
Changelog which was once maintained inside of `php-mode.el` itself.]
1.5.1 (Eric JM Ritz)
Added support for new PHP 5.4 keywords and namespaces.
1.5.0-nxhtml-1.88 (Lennart Borgman)
Don't indent heredoc end mark
1.5.0-nxhtml-1.61 (Lennart Borgman)
Added php-mode-to-use.
Made underscore be part of identifiers.
Remove php-mode-to.
Make the indentation check only on current line.
Warn only once per session about indentation.
Tell if can't complete in `php-complete-function'.
Move back point after checking indentation in
Add `c-at-vsemi-p-fn' etc after advice from Alan Mackenzie.
Support function keywords like public, private and the ampersand
character for function-based commands. Support abstract, final,
static, public, private and protected keywords in Imenu. Fix
reversed order of Imenu entries. Use font-lock-preprocessor-face
for PHP and ASP tags. Make php-mode-modified a literal value
rather than a computed string. Add date and time constants of
PHP. (Dias Badekas) Fix false syntax highlighting of keywords
because of underscore character. Change HTML indentation warning
to match only HTML at the beginning of the line. Fix
byte-compiler warnings. Clean-up whitespace and audited style
consistency of code. Remove conditional bindings and XEmacs code
that likely does nothing.
Updated GNU GPL to version 3. Ported to Emacs 22 (CC mode
5.31). M-x php-mode-version shows version. Provide end-of-defun
beginning-of-defun functionality. Support add-log library.
Fix __CLASS__ constant (Ian Eure). Allow imenu to see visibility
declarations -- "private", "public", "protected". (Bill Lovett)
Changed the definition of # using a tip from Stefan
Monnier to correct highlighting and indentation. (Lennart Borgman)
Changed the highlighting of the HTML part. (Lennart Borgman)
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