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Creates a database backup of issues for Github projects
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This Perl program can automatically create a database of repository issues for backup purposes, since Github currently does not provide that functionality.


First download the source into one directory and then run the follow commands:

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test    # (Optional)
$ make insall

This will automatically install any Perl modules you do not have that the program requires, which appear below.

Required Perl Modules

  1. DBI
  2. DBD::SQLite
  3. LWP::UserAgent
  4. JSON

The program also requires SQLite.


The program accepts the following arguments, with the short version shown first followed by the longer version:

  1. -u, --user: Required. This is the user whose owns the repositories you want issues from.

  2. -r, --repo: Optional. This names the repository whose issues you want to save. This option may appear multiple times. If you do not provide any --repo option then the program will download the issues for every repository the user owns.

An example:

$ ./ --user ejmr --repo php-mode --repo bbcode-mode
Saving issues for user ejmr

Saving issues for php-mode
Saving issues for bbcode-mode

This creates a file called issues.sqlite in the current directory. It is a database with a single table that has the following columns:

  1. url: The URL to the issue on Github.

  2. title: The name of the issue.

  3. type: A string indicating if the issue is ‘opened’ or ‘closed’, and so on.

  4. json: A long string of the raw JSON which Github returns. This is useful so you have a complete backup of all of the information which the Github API provides.

Other Tools

I have not performed any work on this program for a long time, and I do not expect to do so in the near future. That does not mean the program is dead or abandoned; I will still accept feature ideas and fix bugs. But I want to suggest that users also check out the hub program by Chris Wanstrath. It provides a lot of useful functionality for interacting with GitHub and is a terrific complement to, in my opinion.


  1. Squeeks <>
  2. Mark Canlas
  3. Stefany Dyulgerova


GNU General Public License Version 3

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