Custom tools for Rhino
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Logo of RhinoTools



Toolbox of hard to miss features of Rhino.
Current Version 1.4


Get the installer: Windows: here. Mac: "COMING"

1. Download the .rhi 
2. Doubleclick it or drag drop into rhino window.
3. Optionally drag drop the matching .rui file from the UI folder into window to get a toolbar.
4. Enjoy.

Note: The .macrhi have not been tested yet. Any problem please open an issue.

How to use:

Run with the following commands as normal or use the buttons from the toolbar files (.rui)

Current Tools:



Resets the scale of a block, keeping the rotation around the insertion point. Inspired by the ResetBlock script by Dale Fugier. Thank you. Example of ResetBlockScale script


Takes one or many blocks and creates a unique copy with own block definitions. Example of MakeUnique script


Selects all the blocks with the same definition as the selected blocks. Example of SelectSameBlocks script


To uninstall the plugin remove the BlockTools folder from the plugin folder. Ie. on windows found here: "C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins"

Further info:

See the WIKI