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- make sure other script types trigger live updates
- fix exceptions caused by parsing empty HTML documents
- improved handling of errors, esp. in .soy & .css files
- Lighten some of the annoying and less helpful Closure warnings
- Inline unknown script types with src attrs into HTML
- Fix a null pointer error on empty HTML bodies
- add directories to the watch to find new files
- now ignores non-JS HTML script tags
- fixes a bug where terminal escape sequences and extraneous characters would
show up in the heads-up display for LESS "Unrecognized input" errors
- adds a new "update" mode that streams JavaScript "diffs" that can be used by
a server to live-reload/update a page (usually in development)
- adds a heads-up display of compilation errors on the page
- adds support for LESS CSS
- improved development reloader:
- stays alive after errors in JavaScript and LESS compilation
- improved logging:
- colorized output
- formatted on one line
- adjustable verbosity
- JavaScript code is now wrapped in closures on output.
- in HTML files, instead of compiling each CSS and JavaScript resource
separately and injecting it where the link or script tag was in the page, all
such dependencies are combined into a single compiled unit, and inline scripts
or styles are included now as well. The CSS generated in this way is injected
at the end of the head; JavaScript is injected at the end of the body.
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