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This repository contains an extract from my personal configuration framework from which I have removed some sensitive information. This extraction being a manual operation, it will not always be up to date to my last tweakings, but you can get the general idea.

Sharing this here is a way to spread some ideas, some good aliases and other various customisations I use for my everyday comfort. Enjoy! :)


  • Nix
    • common - configuration shared between hosts.
      • modules – NixOS or home-manager modules that are not ready enough or too much specific to be confkit or proposed in NixOS or home-manager.
      • overlaysnixpkgs overlays.
      • pkgs – packages (maybe should I setup a proper NUR at some point).
      • res – resource files for the configuration.
      • system – common system configuration, modularised to be flexible.
      • users – common home-manager configuration.
    • saturne – configuration for my personal PC.
    • helios – configuration for my home NAS.
  • confkit – my public opinionated configuration framework. You can also use it if you want, and even contribute :)
  • home-manager – I now refer to home-manager as a submodule instead of a channel. It gives me more control about the exact version I am using and eases the deployment or re-deployment of my configuration.
  • desktop – some desktop environment related configuration. Some more configuration (bspwn, …) can be found under Nix/.
  • spacemacs – Spacemacs configuration.
  • vscode – VSCode settings, keybindings and snippets.


I started to use Zsh back in 2013 when another student introduced me to it. Then, I started to use vim, tmux and other console tools. I was sharing by hand any modifications between my personal computer and my server. There were only few modifications and it did not evolve quickly at the time.

In April 2017 I started my end-of-studies internship. Keeping configuration files up-to-date between machines started to become quite difficult, so I went for Git. The framework started then, as I broke up my ~/.zshrc to a few modular files. Following this way, I started to use this Git repository for all my configuration files, be it for tmux, vim, GnuPG and even Atom—and now VSCode.

In July 2018 I started using Nix and home-manager to manage my user environment. The current state of this framework reflects this: on my Mac and Linux computers, my user environemnt is fully handled by it. Currently, Zsh submodules are still linked in ~/.zsh and my main ~/.zshrc imports them. It may change in the future to Nix building a ~/.zshrc concatenating these files. I will however always keep pure Zsh files as source to maintain the compatibility with my FreeBSD server environment.

In December 2018 I extracted many files in a public configuration framework I have named confkit. It is refered as a submodule here and you can use it yourself if you want: while I am using the develop branch of it, I publish tagged versions with a changelog. Some features that are currently only in this repository may be extracted to confkit at some point.


Personal configuration framework.






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