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Edward J. Stronge -
Solution to the twitter_puddle puzzle for the Boston Python User Group meeting.
from collections import namedtuple
WallParams = namedtuple('WallParams', 'height length')
def find_puddle_volume(column_heights):
Given a sequence of heights of a bar graph, calculates
the volume of liquid that would be held by the bar
graph if liquid were poured onto the bar graph colummns
puddle_volume = 0
left_wall_heights_and_lengths = []
prev_height = None
plane_length = 1 # Number of columns with the same height
for curr_height in column_heights:
if prev_height is None:
prev_height = curr_height
if curr_height < prev_height:
# As we descend, keep track of what we've filled in to the left
left_wall_heights_and_lengths.append(WallParams(prev_height, plane_length))
prev_height = curr_height
elif curr_height > prev_height:
# We're ascending. Need to look back to the nearest left
# wall and add water until we've filled as much as we can
# If there's no wall to our left, we continue. We also need
# to reset plane_length; we won't start caring about this
# until we've got a wall to our left.
if not left_wall_heights_and_lengths:
prev_height = curr_height
plane_length = 1
fill_level = prev_height
while curr_height >= left_wall_heights_and_lengths[-1].height:
# Check our left wall heights to determine how much water
# to add. We're essentially 'leveling out' the space to
# the left of the current column, forming a plane
stack_height, stack_plane_length = left_wall_heights_and_lengths.pop()
puddle_volume += (stack_height - fill_level) * plane_length
# Now we've added water up to stack_height. Our 'plane'
# is now a bit longer and has a new height.
fill_level = stack_height
plane_length += stack_plane_length
if not left_wall_heights_and_lengths:
# Check if we can add water up to curr_height. The alternative
# is that there's no more left wall to retain the water we'd add;
# in this case, we move on.
if left_wall_heights_and_lengths:
puddle_volume += (curr_height - fill_level) * plane_length
plane_length += 1
prev_height = curr_height
else: # curr_height == prev_height
plane_length += 1
return puddle_volume