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This repository holds the image files used by the Arabic Almanac website which can be found here:

This repository may be deleted and re-created as deleting/committing large amounts of binary files would needlessly consume space on github's servers, while only the most up to date version of the images are required for the website to function.

1   Tools used

All images were processed on linux using the following tools: - pdftools - ImageMagick - ScanTailor

2   Procedure

The images are typically contained in pdf files which contain scanned images of the pages. Depending on the quality some pre-processing may be required to cut off borders etc, after which the images need to be converted into the most space efficient format we can find.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a catch-all procedure that produces the best output images for each set of input images. I'll document for each set which parameters I've used so that I or others can refer back to this for new projects or for re-creating images if needed.

3   Contact

© 2013 by Abdurahman Erik Taal

License: GNU GPL v3. Dua-ware: You must make dua for everyone involved in this project at least once if you're using this software :)