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This is a hack of a hack. :)

This product, when installed, will monkeypatch Zope's MailHost class, meaning 
that *any and all* uses of a MailHost will be "fixed" so that instead of sending 
mail, it writes the full mail messages to files on the filesystem.

If possible (ie, if a site, request and response can be found) a special HTTP
header "X-Debug-Mail-Location" is added to the HTTP response, containing a
semicolon-separated list of filesystem paths to the mails written out during the

Additionally, a Set-Cookie header is emitted, with the same value(s).

This is useful for test scripts -- a test client can issue an HTTP request,
look for the X-Debug-Mail-Location header in the HTTP response, and make
assertions about the expected results such as:

No mail should have been sent by this request::
  assert 'X-Debug-Mail-Location' not in response.headers

Three mails should have been sent during this request::
  assert len(response.headers.get('X-Debug-Mail-Location', '').split(';')) == 3

A specific mail should have been sent during this request::

The Set-Cookie header is also sent for the benefit of "browser-like" clients,
specifically twill. If mails are sent during a request with a 3xx (redirected)
response, twill will follow the redirect automatically, which makes it difficult
to extract headers from the original (redirected) response.  Since the server
sends a Set-Cookie header too, twill's browser will store the cookie, and the
client can read that cookie value to get the most recent mails sent during a
request.  (See the package twill-testmailclient for more on this.)

If Zope is not running in debug mode, *TestMailHost will still install itself.*
So *be sure not to install it on a production site!*


When the Python package is installed in your Zope environment, it will automatically
inject its monkeypatches into your Zope instance. See docs/INSTALL for more details.

You must provide an environment variable TEST_MAILHOST_MAILDIR which should be
the full path to the directory on the filesystem where mail files will be written.
The directory should exist with the necessary permissions for the user/group running
the Zope process.


This package is a cheap fork of Martin Aspeli's Products.PrintingMailhost.  
See that package's README for the real credits. :)