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(Unofficial fork) Banjo is a TTW point-and-click editor for Deliverance configurations
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Banjo is a web-based tool for Deliverance. In particular it assist with making 
the rules mappings by providing a point-n-click interface for the non-technical user.

Read more at the Banjo project page:


Once you've started up Deliverance with "bin/deliverance-proxy rules.xml",
go to http://localhost:5000/banjo/

Click on an element in the content pane to see what it's CSS selector is.
Click on an element in the theme pane to see what it's CSS selector is.
Eventually, this operation would result in a rule being written out to the rules.xml file.
You can then click on the Preview tab, to see what the resulting site looks like.

If you click on the "Edit rules" tab, and you get a 403 Forbidden error, then you must login first.
Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.