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functions useful for integrating apps as opencore components
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A small library of functions useful for integration with opencore.



 * get_secret(filename)

   Get a shared secret to be used in cookie parsing & construction.

 * generate_cookie_value(username, shared_secret)
   Use this to set a cookie so that opencore will recognize the user
   as logged in.

 * authenticate_from_cookie(cookie_string, shared_secret)

   Returns (username, hash) for the user identified by the cookie.
   Throws a BadCookie exception if the cookie is malformed, or a
   NotAuthenticated exception if the cookie is well-formed but not
   using the correct shared secret.


 * filter_factory / CustomDeliveranceMiddleware

   A subclass of Deliverance middleware (v0.3) that carries along
   the original request's HTTP_X_OPENPLANS_*  headers and cookie,
   when making external subrequests. This allows external applications
   to properly respect login and context information.

   It also hard-codes the necessary Deliverance ruleset, and theme uri.

   The theme is served by opencore itself, at a @@theme.html view registered
   on the portal. Here, it is fetched by making an external request to the
   front of the OpenCore stack, to guarantee that links in the theme are


 * composite_factory / URLDispatcher

   A paste.composite_factory that will dispatch requests to
   opencore and to other applications (tasktracker and wordpress)
   based on the URL.

   It will add the necessary request headers before making


 * app_factory / RemoteProxy

   A paste.app_factory that will proxy requests to external HTTP
   calls.  Pass a ``remote_uri`` with the base href for the app.

   If ``is_opencore`` is set, it will rewrite the request to tell
   Zope's VirtualHostMonster how links in the response should look.

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