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0.3.1 (18 Nov 2013)
Include off-site stylesheet (Google Font) using protocol-relative
URL so that the theme works on HTTPS installations as well as HTTP.
Patch from Jun Omae,
0.3.0 (02 Oct 2012)
Disable box-shadows and borders around Trac's primary content div --
these extra lines add unwanted noise in LighterTheme.
Elements with class "newform" now have a lavender border instead of
a green border, which looked ugly. Also disabled some borders and
box-shadows around newform <h2>s in wikipages; these styles were
introduced in Trac 1.0 and clash with the "newform" styles.
0.2.1 (24 Aug 2012)
Added file; the distribution now includes the necessary CSS
assets as well as the code's LICENSE file.
0.2.0 (20 Aug 2012)
Fix compatibility with other plugins: previously, this plugin would
cause other plugins' add_stylesheet() calls to break, because of some
incompatibility with Genshi's cut()/buffer() commands. This is now
fixed by avoiding calls to cut() and buffer()
0.1.0 (19 Aug 2012)
Initial release