Programmable turtles that live on web pages.
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Logo-style turtles in Javascript that live on the web.

It uses jQuery and Raphael.js -- thanks!

See simple.html for basic usage.

Basic concepts

Turtles live in a world.

A world is attached to an HTML table. This table defines the grid that the turtles act on.

So, to start, initialize a world with a table in your HTML page:

var world = new World("table#mygrid");

The table's cells, their positions and sizes, will determine how and where your turtles move.

Then add some turtles to your world. A turtle needs to have an (x, y) position on the grid and a (HTML) color:

 world.addTurtle(0, 0, "green");
 world.addTurtle(world.numCols()-1, world.numRows()/2, "#d05");

Turtles have instruction queues. Send instructions to a turtle's queue:


The world is not running until you tell it to run:;

-- or you could just execute a single step: