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Generate a complete shop, or individual product pages via E-junkie API using Php
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Generate Shop using E-junkie PHP Script

Files Required

  • EJParser.php Script is used for fetching public products or all products(if API Key is present) from E-junkie.

  • EJTemplate.php Script is used for rendering Shop/Product pages. Support themes and template variables.


XXXXX denotes E-junkie Client ID

Fetch products

require_once "EJParser.php";
$EJ = new EJParser(XXXXX); 
$Products = $EJ->getProducts();

Fetch tag specific products

require_once "EJParser.php";
$EJ = new EJParser(XXXXX, TAG_NAME); //any tag your products have
$Products = $EJ->getTagProducts();

Fetch specific product

require_once "EJParser.php";
$EJ = new EJParser(XXXXX, null, PRODUCT_NUMBER); //any product number in your account
$Product = $EJ->getProduct();

You can also provide your API Key as the 5th Parameter in EJParser constructor to fetch all products from your E-junkie account.

Generate Shop/Product Page

require_once 'EJParser.php';
require_once 'EJTemplate.php';
$Page = new stdClass();
$Page->url = ""; //base url or sub-folder name
$Page->location->templates = "./templates";
$Page->EJ = (object) array(
    	"clientId"=> XXXXX, #your e-junkie client ID
    	"maxRelated"=> 5,
    	"pref" => array( # Item numbers in respective array 
            	"pinned" => [],
            	"pinned_down" => [],
            	"hidden" => [],
            	"hide_out_of_stock"=> true,
    	"apiKey"=> null #provide key to show all products, you can get it from Seller Admin > Products API
$EJ = new EJParser($Page->EJ->clientId, null, null);
$EJT = new EJTemplate($Page, null, $EJ);

index.php contains the overall code for running a proper shop, with tags, products and page variables. AltoRouter is included for routing.

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