Children's processing of ad-hoc implicatures
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Children's processing of ad-hoc implicatures

Manuscript preprint

can be accessed here:

Files required for knitting the manuscript file

paper/simpimp_paper.Rmd: markdown for manuscript, in APA format. Includes codes for analyzing the processed data files. This file calls on the following files within the repo:

eye-tracking/processed_data/simpimp_processed_2v1.csv: processed data file for Experiment 1A

eye-tracking/processed_data/simpimp_processed_3v1.csv: processed data file for Experiment 1B

ipad/simpimp_ipad_short.csv: processed data file for Experiment 2

Required files for generating eye-tracking processed data files

1) processing scripts

eye-tracking/processing_scripts/simpimp_preprocess.R: converting raw data into R-readable format, and then putting all the data from all subjects together into one csv file (or rather, two csv file: separately for each experiment, 1A and 1B)

eye-tracking/processing_scripts/simpimp_keepdrop.R: binding information from the subject log and order sheet

2) raw data files

in eye-tracking/raw_data.

There are two directories here:

old_data: houses data files from the “old” eye-tracker

new_data: houses data files from the “old” eye-tracker

3) info sheets

eye-tracking/info/simpimp_et_log.csv: subject log, where the columns are:

subid: subject id

keep_drop: whether the subject should be excluded even before considering other experiment-specific criteria. e.g. if the subject’s age was not indicated on the demographics form

expt: experiment version. 0 = Experiment 1A in manuscript. sc = Experiment 1B in manuscript.

age: numeric age calculated using: ( test date - birth date ) / 365

age_group: binned into an age group by year

sex: participant sex

English: daily level of exposure to English as reported by parent. 4 (75%) is the passing criterion.

eye-tracking/info/simpimp_et_order.csv: order sheet, where the columns are:

stimulus: slide name that got recorded on the raw data file

order: whether the slide appeared on the first vs. second half of the trials

trial_num: trial number (i.e. when this trial was shown)

trial_type: trial type. cs = control-single; cd = control-double; inf = inference

targetPos: position of the target referent; could be left (L) or right (R)

distPos: position of the distractor

targetOnset: the time at which the target noun was produced