freeze does not work properly for packges installed without --global mode #33

b1r3k opened this Issue Apr 25, 2013 · 2 comments

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Following example is presented in README:

$ . env-4.3/bin/activate
(env-4.3)$ npm install express
(env-4.3)$ npm install jade
(env-4.3)$ freeze ../prod-requirements.txt

Although it doesn't work. freeze command returns empty line.
It seems that only packages installed with -g option are recognized by freeze
I'm using version 0.6.5 of nodeenv and npm=1.2.18

@ekalinin ekalinin closed this in 28f76f0 May 6, 2013

Actually this does not solve the problem as I have to install some packages without global switch.
gruntcli needs to be installed globally and grunt locally, otherwise they don't see each other.


Will it be convenient to you, if I add a parameter --all into freeze?

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