Contains a simple namespace to allow unicorn management through capistrano.
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Capistrano Git Methods Build Status

This is a namespace containing methods for maintaining a remote server through git instead of the standard capistrano way.


Including this gem with require capistrano-git-methods in your recipe gives access to the git.<method> methods.


There is the following methods available:

  • setup clones the repository onto the server, and should be done when doing a cold deploy.
  • update_code updates the remote code to match the latest head in the given branch.
  • repo sets the branch to the current head of the remote version of the code.
  • cleanup cleans up after the git processes.


You can configure the library from your deploy recipe, as it lazy-loads all the settings variables, so you don't need to worry about where you require this library.

The following sonfiguration options are available:

  • repository defines the specific repository that you want to clone.
  • brach sets the branch within the repository to check out.