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Open Context Python Code Repository
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static Added function to mass produce project contexts Nov 25, 2018
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change-secrets.json Start to integrate Zenodo API May 1, 2018 switch to concatenated string instead of json solr values Aug 8, 2014
requirements.txt security update Aug 6, 2019


Open Context Python Code Repository

This project represents the current evolution of Open Context. It's intended to be an easier to maintain code-base, and to make the data published by Open Context easier to maintain.

Installation and Deployment

See the docs.


All the source code specific to this project is licensed under a GNU-GPL license (v. 3)

All the usual liability waivers and disclaimers about using this code at your own considerable risk apply.

Open Context draws in libraries and frameworks from other sources (Leaflet, Django etc.). Please see the documentation associated with these libraries for additional licensing information.

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