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A daemon exposing the OpenZWave API via Apache Thrift (and some useful tools)

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This project aims to be a fully functional interface to the OpenZWave library 
( ) using:

1) Apache Thrift ( ) as the RPC abstraction service
2) STOMP ( ) as a means to store & transmit 
OpenZWave's notifications over the network (since Thrift lacks asynchronous
calls other than exceptions)

Being an experimental project, I have used quite a lot of external tools & libs 
but they're easy to get rid of if we need to get it going anywhere. These libs are:

STOMP client: (PocoStomp.*, Stomp.*)
SMC - The State Machine Compiler: in order to model the STOMP client 
state machine
PoCo libraries - a very easy and intuitive C++ toolkit (

Thrift Server Creator (create_server.rb)
A hackity Ruby script I wrote to create useful Thrift server bindings 
(instead of silly "your code goes here", as produced by Thrift). 
Uses RbGCCXML ( ) to 
parse both source + target and then tries to create compilable 
& working code.
See: README-ThriftServerCreator.txt

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