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;;; outline-ivy.el --- Jumping to rich outlines with ivy -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
(require 'ivy)
(require 'outshine)
(require 'dash)
(require 'dash-functional)
(require 's)
(provide 'outline-ivy)
;; FIXME an outline not at the BOL is not an outline, but it breaks oi-jump
;;; Config
(defvar oi-height 20
"Number of outlines to display, overrides ivy-height.")
(defvar oi-prepend-header-char "."
"Prepend this char 'level' times to each header prompted.")
(defface oi-match-face
'((t :height 1.10 :foreground "light gray"))
"Match face for ivy outline prompt.")
(defface oi-face-1
'((t :foreground "#DFAF8F" :height 1.25 :underline t :weight ultra-bold))
"Ivy outline face for level 1")
(defface oi-face-2
'((t :foreground "#8D6B94" :height 1.15 :weight semi-bold))
"Ivy outline face for level 2")
(defface oi-face-3
'((t :foreground "#268bd2"))
"Ivy outline face for level 3")
;;; Utils
(defun oi-rgx ()
"Regex to match outlines with first group as its text."
(cadar outshine-imenu-preliminary-generic-expression))
(defun oi-format-name (str level)
"Format STR at LEVEL for ivy."
(concat (s-repeat (1- level) oi-prepend-header-char)
(defun oi-format-name-pretty (str parents level)
"Prepend invisible PARENTS to propertized STR at LEVEL."
(concat (propertize
(concat (when level (number-to-string level))
(apply 'concat parents))
'invisible t)
(propertize (oi-format-name str level)
'face (pcase level
(1 'oi-face-1)
(2 'oi-face-2)
(3 'oi-face-3)))))
(defun oi--collect-outline ()
"Collect outline-ivy formatted outline string and marker for line at point."
(-let* ((level (outshine-calc-outline-level))
(parents (when level
(--map (plist-get oi--parents-plist it)
(number-sequence 1 (- level 1)))))
(str (match-string-no-properties 1))
(name (oi-format-name-pretty str parents level)))
(when level
(setq oi--parents-plist (plist-put oi--parents-plist level str)))
(->> (point-marker)
(cons name)
(when level)))))
(defun oi-collect-outlines ()
"Collect fontified outline strings and their markers for ivy-read."
(setq oi--parents-plist nil)
(goto-char (point-min))
;; Not quite sure where the initial nil is coming from
;; Was --unfold changed? Anyway this cdr fixes the regression of
;; a nil being introduced at the head of the list of fontified outlines
(-snoc (--unfold
(when (search-forward-regexp (oi-rgx) nil t)
(cons it (oi--collect-outline)))
;;; Outline Jump
(defun oi--preselect ()
"Get parent outline at point for ivy :preselect."
(unless (outline-on-heading-p t)
(search-forward-regexp (oi-rgx) nil t)
(-> (match-string-no-properties 1)
(oi-format-name (outshine-calc-outline-level)))))
(defun oi--remap-ivy-match-face ()
"Overwrite ivy-current-match face in outline-ivy prompt."
(set (make-local-variable 'face-remapping-alist)
'((ivy-current-match oi-match-face))))
(defun oi-jump ()
"Prompt fontified, hierarchal outlines for jump."
(let ((ivy-height oi-height))
(ivy-read "Outline " (oi-collect-outlines)
:preselect (oi--preselect)
:update-fn 'oi--remap-ivy-match-face
:action (-lambda ((_ . marker))
(-> marker marker-position goto-char)
(recenter 2))))))