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Adds similar functionality as org-bullets and org-ellipsis to Emac’s outline-mode.



Pretty-outlines is enabled by adding the appropriate hooks:

(use-package pretty-outlines
  :hook ((outline-mode       . pretty-outlines-set-display-table)
         (outline-minor-mode . pretty-outlines-set-display-table)
         (emacs-lisp-mode . pretty-outlines-add-bullets)
         (python-mode     . pretty-outlines-add-bullets)))

Requires outshine, which is available on Melpa and can be setup with:

(use-package outshine
  :hook ((prog-mode          . outline-minor-mode)
         (outline-minor-mode . outshine-hook-function)))

Configure pretty-outlines-ellipsis and pretty-outlines-bullets-bullet-list to set your characters. Defaults to Org’s defaults unless all-the-icons is installed, then defaults to the screenshot.

This package is not yet uploaded to melpa. I intend to upload it along with my other pretty packages soon.