An extension to add link-searching functionality to Google Chrome
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This project is an excuse to play with YUI3 widgets and Chrome extensions. It implements a link searching feature for Chrome that I frequently use in Firefox.

You can install the extension by going here:

These are the commands:
' or cmd-'   : initiate search mode (focuses the search field if already in search mode)
esc          : terminate search mode
cmd-g        : focus on a matched link; hit repeatedly to cycle forwards
shift-cmd-g  : focus on a matched link; hit repeatedly to cycle backwards

1) Hit the single quote to initiate search mode. The search field appears with focus. If you're visiting a site that steals your focus (e.g. or you can still initiate search mode using cmd-'
2) Begin typing the search query. All matching links will be highlighted if configured to do so.
3) Navigate through all the matched links by repeatedly hitting <cmd-g>.
4) Hit <enter> when you're focused on the link you want to follow.

You can exit search mode by hitting <esc> at any point or by simply clicking on the close icon to the right of the search field.