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Vanpool driver scheduling is often very dynamic and requires tons of
communication. This is a simple web application that attempts to maintain a
fair driver rotation without the administrative overhead of maintaining a
driver schedule.
This tool attempts to define fairness by examining the cost/benefit for
participating drivers and allowing individuals to see their cost/benefit ratio
relative to the other drivers.
Two pieces of information are tracked for each shift:
<li>the driver</li>
<li>the participants</li>
Using this data, each eligible driver is assigned a ratio derived from the
number of times they drove and the number of times they participated.
For example, a driver who has driven 4 times and participated 10 times will
have a ratio of 4:10 (0.400).
The ranking is dynamically generated using the CSV attendance file. Drivers
will not show up in the list if they have not participated for 50 shifts.
You can also view the stats through a rolling window. For example, if you want
to see the cost/benefit ratios over the past 300 shifts (150 days), append this
query parameter to your URL: <span class="url">.../index.php?window=300</span>
Upon loading, drivers with lower ratios appear at the top of the list. This
provides a quick visual that can be used to determine who should drive next.
When two drivers have the same calculated ratio, the driver with the higher
ride count appears higher in the list.
For example, if driver A has a 3:9 ratio (0.333) and driver B has a 1:3 ratio
(0.333), driver A will appear higher in the list. This ensures that the
distributed task of driving is weighted more for those who utilize the vanpool
All data is stored in CSV format and can be easily <a
The attendance history can be viewed <a href="history.php">here</a>. The most
recent record is highlighted in yellow.
The source code can be viewed <a href="">here</a>.