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TrackMate2MTrackJ converter

As it is clear from the title, this is simple Java application converting tracks from TrackMate simple export XML format to the MDF format used by MTrackJ plugin for ImageJ/FIJI.

Also contains Matlab function for the import of MTrackJ tracks.

How to install

Just download (right click -> Save) the latest version of executable JAR file and run it (Java should be installed on your computer).

In case you can't run it, check this or this link.

How it works

After launch, push the "Open" button and pick a folder with XML files. Converter automatically saves converted MDF files with the same name (different extension) in the same folder.
converter view


Q1: I've exported tracks to XML in TrackMate, but converter gives me an error and does not convert!

A1: Make sure you are exporting your tracks using "Export tracks to XML file" command -> "Execute", but not the "Save" button (see pic below).


Developed in Cell Biology group of Utrecht University.
E-mail for any questions.

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