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Codes associated with 'Methods for suspensions of passive and active filaments'
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filaments: README

Supplementary Matlab/Octave code to 'Methods for suspensions of passive and active filaments', 2019, by SF Schoeller, AK Townsend, TA Westwood & EE Keaveny.

1. Whom do I talk to?

The authors can be contacted at:

  • Simon Schoeller:
  • Adam Townsend:
  • Tim Westwood:
  • Eric Keaveny:

2. What code is here?

  1. /matlab-2d-rpy/ A 2D Matlab/Octave code which uses the method described in the paper to simulate a single flexible filament falling under gravity in an unbounded domain.
  2. /matlab-3d-rpy/ A 3D Matlab/Octave code, coming soon.
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