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My xmonad.hs and related stuff

After several years with awesome I switched to xmonad to try something new. And I love it. In my humble opinion it is much more awesome than awesome itself. But thats a matter of taste.


My configuration creates 18 workspaces in two rows. You can use Win+[1-9] to use the first row and Win+F[1-9] for the second one. You can also use Win+[Up|Down|Left|Right] to move between workspaces in this grid.

This configuration does not provide a statusbar like xmobar or dzen2, instead the complete space is used by your windows. But it should be easy to add a statusbar, just check the xmonad website or other example configurations.

I also don't use a tray. If you need one you could try trayer or stalonetray.

I use the keybinding Win+s to access information that is usually provided by a statusbar or a tray. It spawns a dmenu with some shortcuts. Check ~/.xmonad/data/bin/menu for more information.

Requirements (tested version)

  • xmonad (0.11)
  • xmonad-contrib (0.11.2)

Used software

You don't need them to use my configuration but some keybindings and scripts depend on them.

  • dmenu - a great menu to run commands
  • i3lock - used to lock my screen
  • urxvt - a terminal emulator
  • terminator - a terminal emulator with support for tabs and tiling
  • geany - a small graphical editor
  • pcmanfm - a graphical file browser
  • autorandr - automatic save and restore for monitor setups
  • feh - set a desktop background
  • scrot - a screenshot utility
  • imagemagick - command line tool to manipulate images
  • xcompmgr - composition manager for transparency

Install requirements on Archlinux

pacman -S xmonad xmonad-contrib


mv .xmonad .xmonad.bck
git clone .xmonad
  • Edit ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs. Set confHomeDir = "/home/ekeih/" to your home directory.
  • Adjust confTerminal if necessary.
  • Explore the xmonad.hs file and scripts in ~/.xmonad/data/bin/ and adjust paths and stuff to your needs.
  • Configure your loginmanager to start xmonad at login.
  • Logout.
  • Login.
  • Press Win+Return to open a terminal.

If you never used a slim window manager before it will be some kind of shock. But give it a try. Over time it will give you an incredible customized configuration that fits your workflow better than every traditional environment could ever do.


My xmonad configuration and related stuff.






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