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Keep-alive daemon for ssh and other terminal sessions
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login_keepalived [ -p | -g ] [ -s <sec> -d -v ]
  -p        = private mode (keeps you alive)
  -g        = global mode  (keeps everybody alive)
  -s <sec>  = seconds to sleep between each keepalive-write (default = 60)
  -v        = be verbose when starting (mostly for private mode)
  -d        = logs debug messages through syslogd (daemon.debug)


login_keepalived is a small daemon that keeps remote terminal logins alive.
I wrote this because my remote ssh sessions where constantly being cut
off after a few minutes of inactivity, it seems by some
router/firewall on the Internet which I couldn't control.


login_keepalived is run on the server-side of the connection and
operates by periodically writing an invisible NULL character to the
remote login terminal(s). The NULL character has no impact on the terminal
session, but keeps the TCP session alive.

login_keepalived has two modes of operation:

  1. global-daemon-mode. In this mode login_keepalived periodically
writes to all remote login terminals on the system. This is the
preferred way of operation. global-daemon-mode must be run by root.

  2. private-user-mode. In this mode login_keepalived only affects the
terminal of the user that started it. If your systems administrator
doesn't want to run login_keepalived in global-daemon-mode, or
global-daemon-mode is unwanted for some other reason, this is the mode
to use.

!!! NOTE !!!
Please note that it must be started directly from the shell or
one of the shell startup files (.login, .bash_profile, .bashrc, etc
depending on your shell), so that the shell is the parent-pid of


login_keepalived was developed and tested on the GNU/Linux platform. I
see no reason why it shouldn't work on other *nixes as well, but it
might very well need a little tweaking. If you get it running on
something else than GNU/Linux, please send me a note on what/how you
did it and I'll include your information here. Patches and suggestions

	Keep Alive,
	/Johan Ekenberg

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