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Multiplatform, multiprotocol, plugin-based instant messenger with console and GTK2 UI
C Perl C++ Python JavaScript Shell Other
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Multiplatform, multiprotocol, plugin-based instant messenger with (GTK2 GUI || console UI)!

EKG2 is an OpenSource IM application for Unix systems (Linux, *BSD, SunOS, Solaris, MacOS, X, BeOS) available under the terms of GPL.

EKG2 is plugin-based, and because of this it can support many different protocols. It can also support different GUIs! Below is a list of available plugins.

Protocol plugins:

  • Jabber - (XMPP, gtalk and support),
  • GG (gadu-gadu) - (using libgadu, the most popular polish IM protocol),
  • IRC - (mostly IRCnet oriented),
  • ICQ
  • polchat
  • rivchat

GUI plugins:

  • GTK2 - under development,
  • ncurses - primary ekg2 ui, console
  • readline

Logging facility:

  • logs - multi plugin that allows logging in irssi like format, xml, simple and raw,
  • logsqlite - logging into a sqlite db,

Script languages bindings: Python, Perl

Other superb plugins:

  • autoresponder - a simple captcha for IM
  • sim (using openssl) & gpg - these plugins allow encryption within supported protocols,
  • jogger - allows manipulation of JoggerBot via ekg2,
  • mail - checking local maildir/mailbox for new messages,
  • nntp - read usenet news
  • rss - read RSS/Atom feeds
  • sms - sms sending,

There are also a few other plugins in development.

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