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My contributions to #TidyTuesday.

Most recent (finished) contribution:

2022 - Week 12 - US Baby Names

Looking at the popularity of my kids' names over time

Previous contributions

2021 - Week 20 - US Broadband

Examining unequal broadband access in states

2021 - Week 11 - Bechdel Test

Comparing distributions over time of movies that pass and fail the Bechdel Test

2021 - Week 7 - Wealth and Income

Looking at income inequality in the US over time.

2020 - Week 43 - Great American Beer Festival

Tracking Virginia breweries' performance at the Great American Beer Festival over time.

2020 - Week 37 - Friends

K means clustering estimating types of Friends episodes based on exchanges between characters.

2020 - Week 32 - European Energy

European energy production in 2018

2020 - Week 25 - African American History

Progression of enslaved vs free African Americans in the US

2020 - Week 24 - African American Achievements

Notable black scientists, according to Wikipedia

2020 - Week 21 - Beach Volleyball

Stats for Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor over time.

2020 - Week 18 - Broadway Musicals

Cumulative Broadway ticket sales for Les Mis.

2020 - Week 16 - Rap Songs

Most acclaimed rap artist each year since 2000

2020 - Week 14 - Beer Production

Cartograms showing beer production by state

2020 - Week 13 - Traumatic Brain Injury

Heatmap showing percent of brain injuries by cause for different age groups

2020 - Week 10 - NHL Goals

Analyzing Alex Ovechkin's performance against opposing teams.

2020 - Week 9 - MMR Vaccinations

Individual states with the county with the lowest mmr vaccination rate highlighted.

2020 - Week 7 - Hotel Reservations

Slopegraph with countries ranked by number of hotel bookings.

2020 - Week 6 - NFL Stats

Bars with total wins from 2000-2019 and small multiples showing yearly wins by team.

2020 - Week 4 - Spotify

Circle plot with length of songs by Maynard James Keenan's bands.

2020 - Week 3 - Common Passwords

Looking at the strength of association between a given letter and the subsequent letters in passwords.

Week 53 - The Office Text

Tracking the sentiments of Jim and Pam over each episode of The Office.

Week 52 - Christmas Songs

Network plot showing connections between lyrics in Bing Crosby's White Christmas album.

Week 51 - Adoptable Dogs

Circular barplot with most popular names of most common shelter breeds.

Week 49 - Philly Parking Tickets

Looking at day-to-day correlations of the number of tickets given across the four most common ticket types.

Week 48 - Student Loan Debt

Examining whether any debt collection agencies are more effective than others

Week 46 - Cran Code: An exploration of the comment-to-code ratio in R packages

Week 44 - Squirrels!: Mapping squirrels seen near dogs in Central Park

Week 43 - Horror Movies: Sentiment analysis (and animated graph) of words in horror movie titles

Week 41 - Power Lifting: Distributions (using beeswarm plots) of bench, squat, and deadlift by gender


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